Hi there! I am currently a Masters Candidate in the Nutrition and Food Studies Graduate Program at NYU. I have a professional culinary arts background, a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography, and over 10 years of experience working with youth and young adults. My interests on a professional level include advocacy, community empowerment, and of course, food and its influence on the human experience. In addition to graduate school, I am a private chef, and also work at a national non-profit helping to transform the lives of underserved youth through culinary arts education.

img_3618-2For fun, I love to backpack and bake for my friends and family. It’s too difficult to choose a favorite food, so instead I’ll just mention that I have a strong aversion to whole olives and papaya. I also fervently believe pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza.

I am originally from Long Beach, California, and am currently based out of Brooklyn, New York. Thanks so much for visiting this site, and feel free to reach out!