Week 1 / Assignment 1 – My Debut

Mostly eating without borders, meditating on my many identities has hijacked any sort of enjoyment that food, cooking, and dining potentially may have brought into my life.

Though not entirely true, there has been a fine line between bitter and sweet regarding the boundaries of culturally appropriating food. I do believe in the enrichment of our communities and society when we eat more globally and allow for representation.

This is my attempt to reconcile my proud Philippine heritage with my American, 90s-kid sensibilities.

Through the eyes of a brown and aging millennial, I wish to reflect on the cultural imperialism in today’s ever-changing food spaces.

Colonizing ingredients, ‘Columbus-ing’ brown and black food, and adopting and adapting white food — I hope not to fill the role of your local h-angry Asian woman, but instead break bread with equal parts humor, love, and gluttony. Kain tayo~



My sister and I in my parents’ garden. Glendale, CA, 1993.





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