Tuesday, August 13

It’s a rare feeling. When you hear a new song for the first time. When someone you trust and have learned to admire gives you a new song, and your only response after hearing the progression of the melodies and harmonies and words and downbeats is this… yes.

It’s this feeling of having a single moment drawn out to tell a story. The best is when it’s a story that somehow speaks to you at just the right time you need to hear it.

There are fews things in life which can touch a person in this way. For me this feeling is rare because I’ve found it in things new, which isn’t lasting. And it’s not often that a song can hit you in that way. And when it does, it only lasts til the last bar of music. Somehow this feeling has given me comfort.

After uncertainty and sadness constantly sneaking in, there is comfort in knowing and feeling that a person you respect can still put out more positivity. Even if the feeling doesn’t last. Old songs are good too.


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