Thursday, October 21

After enjoying a hot water-wasting shower yesterday, I was ready to crank this morning’s out and get it done and over with. I hadn’t noticed what a pain it’s been in regards to washing my hair. Because it gets so tangled, I always put tons of conditioner, making it very time (and water) consuming to wash it out. I made a conscious effort this morning to just use the minimum of shampoo and conditioner, promising myself that with tomorrow being my day off, I was going to do the right thing and chop it off. I usually hate getting my hair cut because I’ve never found a regular hairstylist who I really liked, so going to the salon is always a risk. I probably cut my hair once or twice in a year. Writing that out, I feel like a complete weirdo. Okay, done. I promise myself I will make an effort to get my hair cut more often. Anyway, tomorrow I promise to be at least 4 inches free from this mop. I find it bizarre that just in a matter of a few days, I’ve really have made myself aware of every drop off water I come across in each day. Because I’m a cook, I am obsessed with washing my hands very thoroughly all the time. Today without even thinking about it, when turning on faucets I made the water pressure very low, and when I actually noticed it, I thought to myself, “Washing thoroughly doesn’t mean necessarily washing them for 40 seconds. Twenty will suffice. I also have noticed the flushing of toilets and the sizes of my loads of laundry. I’m cutting back slowly but surely. I’m starting to think about that pump in Grandpa’s backyard now.

I go shopping once a week due to my diet’s first rule: eat food that rots. Because I’m buying food that goes bad, it forces me to finish those perishable products before their biological clock stops ticking. Unfortunately that also means eating the same meals every day in a week’s time, which is only a bad thing if you’re spoiled with variety. Anyway, I had the same meals, except I got fancy and switched up my pasta meal for lunch and salad meal for dinner. I wasn’t dissatisfied though. We’ll see how picky I start getting next week. Sometimes at the end of the week I treat myself with going out with a friend on Thursday night and maybe getting some cool, new food or some other guilty pleasure. Tonight I stayed home, made my own dinner, and watched A Very Long Engagement to help me study for my European History midterm. I wonder what kind of crazy food I’ll be craving next Thursday.

I’ve had Tuesday and today to monitor every piece of waste collected. And although it wasn’t required, I’ve also had Wednesday to become instantly aware of my trash. When I look at everything collecting in my waste bins, I can’t help but think of the footprint slides Professor Dallman so cruelly exposed us to. Tonight, looking at some sheets of paper in their appropriated bin, I think of water. I think of the 10 liters of water that was used to produce just one of those sheets. Now I’m thinking of how long it would take me to pump 10 liters from Grandpa’s well and carry it somewhere. I do care about the world… so much to the point where all I want to do tomorrow is sit in a corner of my house and not use or do anything. I guess sometimes having that extra knowledge does that to you: makes you question what the whole point of all the effort is when so little of it matters in the end. But I think I’m just having a moment. Tomorrow will be a new day, and all I can do is hope that the efforts I make in making my own environment “greener” will play out when all is said and done. I sure do hope karma is real.


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