Tuesday, February 23

I don’t know if I’m really going to become committed to this blog, so let’s just see what happens? I just felt like writing because I feel a change in my life slowly coming about and it miiight be worth blogging about. Over the past few weeks many things have happened, and I’m excited about what may come of it all. I decided I’m going to start changing little things of my day to day, and so now I’m looking forward to how all these little things will affect the bigger picture. I don’t want to say that what happened this past Friday changed my life, but I now know what I need to make my time in this life worthwhile. I just realized I’m being really, really general right now. Hhaha. It’s okay. No one else needs to know what the fuck I’m talking about. I could easily curl up into a ball and cry my eyes out about everything I’ve lost recently, but I won’t because I know for a fact that I’m going to have everything I’ve ever wanted one day. I’m going to live the life of my dreams because I choose to. Who else can say that?


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