Kimberly Pondering About Facebook

Are there ever days when at some point during the 24 hours you think to yourself, “This would be a funny Facebook status.” Is one of your main thoughts when you are taking pictures, “This is going to make me look artsy and cool to everyone who sees my Facebook albums.” Do you make it a point to bring your camera with you every time you go out with people so whoever comes across your Facebook knows that you actually step out of your bedroom? Do you list your favorite activities and interests and television shows and movies and music in hopes someone who shares similar favorites might think better or more highly of you? Or do you list them in hopes that perhaps by having similar favorites you might be able to strike up some comments or instant messaging with a potential love interest? Do you feel better about yourself when you laugh at people who take tacky pictures of themselves or judge those who write linguistically incorrect comments or statuses or about me’s? What is it about the “What type of soul do you have” quiz that interests me? Do I truly care that the girl I once had an English class with from high school has a raven soul? Do you think you are making a statement when you become a fan of “Laughing” or “The Beach” or “Music” or “Sleeping”? By adding my favorite Top Chef contestants as my friends, do I think it’s going to change my social status? Do you do things throughout your day that is done solely for the purpose of gaining some kind of recognition from your Facebook friends? Will people finally recognize what Facebook has done until we see a funny commercial and try to find the “like” button on the remote? Or when we see a long line at the DMV and get angry that they still haven’t made a “dislike” button? And my final question is this: Why won’t Facebook allow me to make a Facebook group called, “Not Becoming Fans of Everyday Verbs Or Nouns Virtually Everyone Enjoys” for the sole purpose of laughing at the irony when I see that one of my Facebook friends has become a fan of not becoming a fan…?


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