Sunday, April 26

I’ve made a list of reasons of why I love my life. I thought of most of them last night out of boredom and curiosity. I’ll probably just keep adding whenever I think of more things.

homemade fortune tellers, sleeping, food with peanut-something in it but not actual peanuts, tradition, baby pictures, romance, india, funny boys, into the mystic, large hands, reusable grocery bags, my vinyl records, aliases, novels, when we used to read plays in my high school english classes, allusions to nature in literature, shakespeare, watching the sky, having a seat on the shuttle, connecting, dreaming of iceland, turbulence on airplanes, people watching, wigs, glasses, elliott smith, baby names, girlfriends, beautiful kitchens, beer, cooking outside, all things having to do with cooking and food, hollywood bowl, old photographs of my family, curtis stone, camping, native american heritage, tattoos, focus feature, hotel cafe, seeing chemistry between two people, childhood loves, Hershey at peace, my dogs’ names, tanning in perfect tanning weather, pedicures, things portuguese, rubbing the skins off toasted hazelnuts completely, guilty pleasures, not having an ipod, spain in america, being barefoot, hoop earrings, my conch piercing, anthony bourdain, french bistros, wild horses, sparkling bodies of water, saved voicemails from loved ones, live music, oreos and milk, rfk, talking to aggie like vanessa talks to her baby in juno, little white lights, little white flowers, living with child-like wonder, pillow fights, goose down, googling, pendulums, m********, garbanzo beans, writing, artists, old southern charm, independent coffee shops, saturday night live legacy, my last name, my femininity, contemplating mortality, religions, equality, dilfs, cold chocolate covered strawberries, road trips, wearing minimal-to-no clothing, local markets, my taste in music, tea, wide-eyed children, sparks of insanity, wanting to find myself in the philippines, soul mates, europeans, vacuuming up things, 1960s culture, maps, metaphors, summer nights in long beach, receiving flowers, cinnamon, having clear skin, good lip balm, sitting in the car deciding where to go, dreaming of new york city, mothers, being candid about sexuality, emotion, inspiration in little things, simplicity, folk music, intelligence, leaving my family notes on the magna doodle, red hair, saint necklaces, concerts, dreaming of thailand, 1990s culture, pen pals, properly washed hands, humor, fresh buko juice and buko pie in the philippines, carnivals, old-fashioned bar fights, things americana, knowing real love, eating chinese food out of the carton, dancing, walking in the street at night, christmas, fresh bread, talking in fob accents, 90s grunge, drummers, painting, naps at the perfect time of the day, crunchy orange leaves, brad pitt in legends of the fall, magnificent films, string instruments, venice beach, sneezing, my birthday, astrology, the age of aquarius, smiling faces, close-knit families, mountains, crazy godfather-type old men, the number thirty-seven, water sports, laughing out loud, frankfurt my gnome, my personality, maria elena, badasses, heartbreak, celestial objects, good song lyrics, layering sounds, secret treasures, being held, open windows, fear, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, ska, collecting quotes, loving my country, my high school, fully-charged batteries, elephants, global citizens, being californian, finding beauty in the bible, fathers, natural light, new arrangements of old music, good coffee, being harmonious with the earth, experiences, curly hair, old trees, spirituality, partying, playing mash, most animals, wise eyes, hugs, kisses, laughing even more after hearing someone elseโ€™s weird laugh, clean bed sheets, confidence, acting, learning german, theme parties, young people, old people sitting at the park, being submerged in water, reminiscing, clarity, massages, beards, bougainvillea blooms, biblical allusions in music, biblical allusions in anything, art, opera, nice eyebrows, free spirits, colors, traveling, exploration, homemade smoothies, being crafty, being creative, originality, old sweaters, energies, salty beach hair, wind, heartbeats, breakfast burritos


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