Friday, October 3

It’s been a crazy year for politics. As of now, I’ve decided what presidential candidate I’m planning to vote for… but I also said that after I watched Obama speak at the DNC. Then changed my mind after watching last week’s debates. Then was undecided. Then changed my mind. Again. As of now, the only thing I’m really sure of is that Sarah Palin is almost as hilarious as Tina Fey… or is it the other way around? It’s hard to keep track.

Propositions (as of 10/29/2008)
1a No Yes
2 Yes
3 Yes
Yes No
No Yes Undecided
6 No
Undecided Yes No
Undecided No
10 Undecided Yes
11 Undecided No
12 Undecided No

Updated 10/30/2008: As of now, I am fervently supporting Barack Obama. And on November 5th, I think I’ll be a very happy girl.


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