Wish you could’ve been there.

This assignment was entitled “Wish you could’ve been there.” I’d forgotten that I had felt this way and that this existed.

Kimberly Conchada
English 100: Section 52
Professor Jensen
September 30, 2008

You know I always hate the drive to Hollywood just ‘cause of those dreaded freeways. The scenery just isn’t too impressive. Sam and I got there about an hour early but the line was really piling up. There was this German couple in line behind us and with me eavesdropping on them trying to pick apart their conversation, time actually didn’t turn out to be such an issue. I bet if you came you’d make me make an attempt to talk to them. Anyway, we finally got inside and there were a bunch of people keeping the bar and merchandise corner very busy, so we made our way to the front of the stage. We waited and waited and waited. Just as I was starting to get a tad irritable, the opening act finally came on and every minute waiting was worth what was about to come within the next few hours. Lilly. You would’ve loved it. Of course it was extremely satisfying to finally see Cary perform live, but I got to see William Fitzsimmons too. It was great. And you’ll never believe it but Josh Radin came on stage to do a few numbers with him too. Incredible. He had a different vibe from when we saw him at the El Rey last year, but the music was just as soul-wrenching. There were so many artists that really took me by surprise! You know, Ingrid Michaelson, right? She headlined too, and I thought her music was too poppy but I really loved what she did that night. She was so entertaining and funny and real and so was her music. Nothing like I expected; you know, like what you hear on those Old Navy commercials with her one song… Anyway, it was awesome. They were all just a bunch of friends joking and making fun of each other, all the while creating the most soulful and beautiful art imaginable. By the way, I totally fell in love with the drummer that night; he played for all of the acts, and he was just divine. I forget his name though. It’s something really Italian; the kind of name your grandpa would say with his hands thrust up into the air. You’ve gotta promise when we’re that age, you’ll be the Allie Moss of our own group of musician friends. You’ll go on tour with a bunch of great people, I’ll sing back-up for you once in a while, and we’ll have our own hot drummer Marco guy! I wish you could’ve been there. I know you were busy with that college scholarship stuff, but you better try to move stuff around next time! It’s only gonna get harder as we get older… trying to still go to shows and spend time together and so on. I mean, it has been hard to begin with. I know we won’t stay the same, I mean, we haven’t stayed the same for the past 9 years! But I know if we always make time for each other, for nights like those, everything will work out. The music will work it out. Brought us together; keep us together. I’ll let you know when the tour comes back to LA.



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