Assignment 1

My very first writing assignment of my college career, a one-page biography.

Conchada, Kimberly
English 100, Section 52
September 9, 2008

Somewhere between 3 am to 4 am on February 7th, 1990, the sky grew just a little darker, the oceans became a little bit colder, cupcakes became just a little bit sweeter. It was during this very brief period of time, that the world became a little bit more beautiful because it was during this very hour that Kimberly Jane Conchada was born. Actually, I highly doubt there were any sort of unique celestial occurrences or dramatic changes in ocean temperature on my original birthday, but I like to imagine that life generally became a lot sweeter, not just cupcakes.

For the last fourteen years of my life, I’ve lived and loved in Long Beach, California. My parents are both originally from the Philippines and moved to the United States for a better life. A better life indeed it was and is. I have been privileged to have grown up in a loving family, have had top-notch education, and have met and kept incredible friends, which is just the important stuff. Other than my parents, my family consists of my 34-year-old brother who is currently serving for the United States Army, a sister-in-law who has been a part of my life just as long as my brother has, an 8-year-old niece who prefers her Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure to Barbie’s, and a 20-year-old sister majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies at Cal Berkeley.

In June 2008, I graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School, with Honors and the Medallion Award and have continued my superior education to California State University, Long Beach, where I am currently undeclared in my major. In addition to being crazy about school, I also enjoy going to concerts, catching up on films, traveling, culinary arts, the outdoors, and overall, spending time with the people I love and laugh with. The only way I have found to make each day count is to live and exemplify passion and compassion in everything I do. I truly want the most out of my life, and I want to see everything at its greatest potential. Who says cupcakes can’t be sweeter than what they already are?


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