Assignment 1

My very first writing assignment of my college career, a one-page biography.

Conchada, Kimberly
English 100, Section 52
September 9, 2008

Somewhere between 3 am to 4 am on February 7th, 1990, the sky grew just a little darker, the oceans became a little bit colder, cupcakes became just a little bit sweeter. It was during this very brief period of time, that the world became a little bit more beautiful because it was during this very hour that Kimberly Jane Conchada was born. Actually, I highly doubt there were any sort of unique celestial occurrences or dramatic changes in ocean temperature on my original birthday, but I like to imagine that life generally became a lot sweeter, not just cupcakes.

For the last fourteen years of my life, Iโ€™ve lived and loved in Long Beach, California. My parents are both originally from the Philippines and moved to the United States for a better life. A better life indeed it was and is. I have been privileged to have grown up in a loving family, have had top-notch education, and have met and kept incredible friends, which is just the important stuff. Other than my parents, my family consists of my 34-year-old brother who is currently serving for the United States Army, a sister-in-law who has been a part of my life just as long as my brother has, an 8-year-old niece who prefers her Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure to Barbieโ€™s, and a 20-year-old sister majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies at Cal Berkeley.

In June 2008, I graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School, with Honors and the Medallion Award and have continued my superior education to California State University, Long Beach, where I am currently undeclared in my major. In addition to being crazy about school, I also enjoy going to concerts, catching up on films, traveling, culinary arts, the outdoors, and overall, spending time with the people I love and laugh with. The only way I have found to make each day count is to live and exemplify passion and compassion in everything I do. I truly want the most out of my life, and I want to see everything at its greatest potential. Who says cupcakes canโ€™t be sweeter than what they already are?

Assignment 1

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